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Services that care for your

Services that care for your

About Tata Protect

At Tata Motors, we care about your performance and profits by offering services and products specifically designed for your needs. These products and services ensure your consistent success by assisting you with prompt repairs, increased uptime, and faster query resolution. These thoughtful offerings from Tata Protect, have been divided according to the requirements that may emerge during transit and delivery. Explore the Tata Protect world and select the services that best suit your business.

Tata Motors

Host of services

Customer Help Line

Hotline for assisting customers and receiving complaints. We are ready to listen to customers’ voices so that the information we receive can be used to improve the services we provide for the highest level of satisfaction of our customers.

Express service

Receive your car back in less than 2 hours when bringing your vehicle in for periodic maintenance at our service center across country.

TATA Alert

Receive 24 hours Roadside Assistance when purchasing a car with TATA Motors. Customers will be able to receive roadside assistance within 1 hour should there be any problem with the vehicle during usage.

Wide Network Coverage

13 service centers covering every region throughout the country, including the North, Central, Northeast, and South.

TATA Master Care+

Package Maintenance Service and extended warranty on vehicle parts to provide customers with confidence when using TATA commercial trucks.

Fleet Edge Telematics

Platform for tracking, analyzing, and altering about TATA Motors vehicles. This platform is available for Tata customers who want insight into the details of the drive, performance of the vehicles, and fuel usage in real time for the purpose of utilizing the data in planning routes for the benefit of the business.

We understand the importance of timely resolution, and hence strive to resolve each complaint within a dedicated timeline. We also aim to achieve 90% resolution rate of customer complaints within a maximum time frame of 72 hours. Customer satisfaction and trust is of extreme importance to us, which is why we are committed to addressing your problems promptly and effectively. Your feedback is valuable in enhancing and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

We value our customers’ feedback and concerns and have implemented a customer-centric process to make sure that every complaint receives the attention it deserves. All complaints received through email, phone, Facebook, or other channels, are diligently registered with our Customer Assistance Center (CAC).


We make it easier for you to own a truck. With our truck leasing advisory services, we help you find the best and most effective financing option, backed by our most professional and friendly advice at every step of the way.


The financial services for individuals and corporate persons are proven to be the most convenient and popular solutions, making every transaction simple and flexible, to fit all your needs in owning a truck.

You can choose a down payment value that truly fits your budget, in which the repayment period starts from 48 months and up to 72 months.

Afterward, you can pay the balance at the same fixed rate of interest, and in monthly installments every month until the end of the contract.

Truck Financing Documents for Individuals

  1. 4 copies of your national ID card
  2. 4 copies of your house registration certificate
  3. 1copy of a 3-month salary slip or salary certificate
  4. 1 copy of a 6-month salary statement
  5. 1 copy of residence location map

Truck Financing Documents for Corporate Persons

  1. 3 copies of company certificate (not exceeding 1 month) with a signed name and a company stamp
  2. 1 copy of VAT registration certificate (Phor Por 20) with a signed name and a company stamp
  3. 1 copy of the list of shareholders (Bor Or Jor 5) with a signed name and a company stamp
  4. 3 copies of an authorized director’s national ID card and house registration certificate
  5. 1 copy of 6-month company statement
  6. 1 copy of the residence location map of an authorized director
  7. 1 copy of the business location map
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