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7 Reasons to Choose Tata Super Ace Mint for Your Business


Are you looking for a versatile pickup truck that can handle all types of tasks?Tata has the answer for you!

Meet the Tata “Super Ace Mint” pickup truck, equipped with powerful performance, modern design, and cost-effective pricing, ready to assist your business towards success.

Why choose Tata light commercial vehicles?

  • Generous Load Capacity:
    With a spacious truck bed, it can accommodate a variety of goods, whether it’s agricultural products, fruits, construction materials, or general merchandise.

  • Fuel Efficiency at its Best:
    The common rail diesel engine helps save on fuel, reducing expenses, which is ideal in today’s economy.

  • Durable, Confident on Any Road:
    The strong body structure, made from high-quality steel, supports heavy use over an extended period.

  • Agile Driving Experience:
    The compact design is easy to maneuver, suitable for city use and all road conditions.

  • Equipped with Modern Features:
    Comes with power steering, electric windows, and many more features, ensuring maximum comfort and safety.

  • Unbeatable Price:
    The Super Ace Mint small truck starts at only 385,000 THB, offering better value than typical pickup trucks, perfect for those starting a new business.

  • Excellent After-sales Service:
    Confidence with service from Tata's standard service centers.

What businesses are Tata light commercial vehicles suitable for?

  • Goods Transportation Business:
    Ideal for transporting general goods such as food, fruits, documents, spare parts, etc. Retail Business: Suitable for transporting goods from warehouses to storefronts or delivering products to customers.

  • Contracting Business:
    Suitable for transporting construction equipment and tools.

  • Food Selling Business:
    Can be modified into a food truck, easily starting a mobile food business.

Various Other Businesses: Whether it’s a business transporting employees, hotel guests, catering services, etc., the Tata Super Ace Mint can meet your needs.

This small Tata pickup truck offers better value than typical pickups, suitable for business startups. It helps you save costs, increase profit opportunities, and grow your business steadily.

Ready to achieve success for your business! Contact a Tata dealer near you or call 02-098-6000.

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